Have you ever been a victim of Cyber Bullying? How can detect cyber bullying whether its happening to you or to someone else?

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First and foremost, when you are being bullied you need to tell an adult that you trust. This can be your teacher, parents, guardian/carer, older sisters or brothers. The most common reason why people bully people online is because they cant see their target physically. This is mostly by mean or offensive backstabbing text messages that makes someone feel hatred towards themselves. This can happen on any social media or online games that you can chat or interact with other characters. If you are the one bullying someone you need to considerate someones emotions.

It involves the bully sending offensive and malicious messages to an individual or a group and is often repeated multiple times. Cyberstalking is one form of harassment that involves continual threatening and rude messages, and can lead to physical harassment in the real, offline world.

Flaming is similar to harassment, but it refers to an online fight exchanged via emails, instant messaging or chat rooms. It is a type of public bullying that often directs harsh languages, or images to a specific person.

Exclusion is the act of intentionally singling out and leaving a person out from an online group such as chats and sites. The group then subsequently leave malicious comments and harass the one they singled out.